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Perfect Conditions - Perfect Plants

When growing plants indoors, many factors affect the result. Often, the focus is mainly on lighting and nutrient supply. However, the right climate - primarily temperature and humidity - is often neglected. Precise control of these factors is essential for successful plant cultivation. GrowControl provides optimal solutions with its intuitively operated devices, a wide range of setting options and high accuracy.


Leaf Temperature Sensor IRCube

IRCube is our new infrared leaf temperature sensor for GrowBase Pro.

The leaf temperature is used in addition to the humidity to calculate and control VPD. VPD has a great influence on the metabolism of your plants!

With the included mounting arm you can easily attach it to tent poles or grow racks.

VPD Control

VPD stands for Vapour Pressure Deficit.This value is calculated from the leaf temperature and humidity. For an optimal metabolism of the plant, VPD has an even greater influence than temperature or humidity per se.

With GrowBase Pro the vapor pressure deficit can be controlled automatically.
To determine the leaf temperature, our leaf temperature sensor IRCube can be used, or a difference to the room temperature can be entered.

Learn more about VPD in our FAQ.

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CO₂ Control

When all factors (climate, lighting, nutrients, etc.) are optimal for the plants, the factor that limits an increase in the photosynthesis rate is the CO₂ content of the air.

GrowBase and GrowBase Pro can control the CO content of the room air and thus achieve a significant increase in yield.

Inrush Current Limitation

LED luminaires in particular, but also gas discharge lamps such as NDL, have an inrush current that is many times higher than the current during operation. This usually severely limits the number of LED lights that can be connected to a domestic circuit breaker.

GrowBase Pro's 4th socket has an inrush current limiter and also a 2-pole switch-off. This allows LED lights with a total power of up to 2300W to be powered from a single socket.


Controller Comparison

We have compiled a comparison of our controllers as a PDF.

German: Vergleich Controller

English Comparation Controllers


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